The Bell Inn is closed and is for sale.

Can we all come together and secure purchase of our pub and protect its future for the long term? 

The Bell Inn a

Business Proposal

The Community of Yarpole Parish proposal is to buy the Bell Inn from Enterprise Inns and appoint a professional tenant with the experience and skills to run the pub as a profitable and successful business for the benefit of the community and other users.

Our objective is to have a friendly and welcoming village pub that serves local beers and sensibly priced freshly prepared food as well as possibly offering additional community services in the future.

We will set a fair rent and agree a lease with the tenant who will run the pub as a free house selling food and drink. The rent will be set at a level that gives the tenant the opportunity and incentive to run a profitable pub business, and which will provide the revenue for us to maintain the building, to repay any loans we take out, and when cash reserves permit, to pay a modest interest to share-holders and to fund the withdrawal of shares from time to time.

We firmly believe that the business will be profitable, but in the unlikely event it is not the Community will own a valuable asset – the building and land associated with it – which if necessary could be sold in order to return funds to investors.

Our investment is in the building and land – the bricks and mortar – not the licensed business.

If you're interested in purchasing shares complete and submit this share application form. (Shares will be on sale from Friday, 27th July).