It has always been the intention, as defined in the Rules of the Yarpole Community Shop Association, to inject back into the community a proportion of any surplus sums of money provided through trading in the shop. It has only been in the last six years that this has been accomplished now that the shop has become more firmly established financially.

In order for the shop to continue to function as a going concern, some of these surplus funds are necessarily retained by the shop for its day to day requirements and any future development needs.
The proportion of any surplus to be allotted for community projects is decided upon by the elected members of the management committee on an annual basis having considered the previous year’s trading performance and any future planned expenditure and necessary contingency requirements. Shareholders are then asked to ratify this proposal at the AGM.

Now, as the hope is that such distributions will be possible again this year and bearing in mind the number of applications received in previous years, a more structured process is in place to allow for fair and equal consideration of all proposed projects. Decisions on where these sums are to be spent have historically been made and/or approved by the member shareholders at the AGM in June. This will still be the case – eligible applications will be voted upon by those shareholder members who attend the AGM within the constraints set by the sum to be distributed.

It is deemed sensible, therefore, to use the more formal application procedure introduced in 2017 as follows:


Applications for funding of projects which:

  • Must be for the benefit of the community in the Parish of Yarpole.

• Must support activities and facilities that benefit the members of the community

• Are from voluntary groups or ‘not for personal profit’ organisations – groups do not need to be formally constituted but must be accountable to the community.

• May be for any sum but generally funding requests are up to £1000 (or otherwise decided upon by the management committee dependent on the sum set aside for funding such projects in any particular year.)

Timing of applications:

• Applications can be tendered at any time but will only be eligible for consideration in a current year if received prior to a prescribed date dependent upon the date of the AGM in that year.
• For 2018 the strict deadline for receipt of applications is May 4th.

Method of application:

• All applications must be presented using the Funding Application Form on the Community Shop website. Found under Yarpole Community Shop.
• Where an application is for a sum over £1000, two or more accurate estimates or quotations must be provided.
• Applications need to be received strictly by May 4th 2018.
• Completed application forms will be made available for perusal by shareholders via the Shop website.

It is a condition, for those applicants successful in gaining funding, to submit a short report for inclusion in the Parishioner detailing the outcome of their funded project once completed.

To make your application please click on the link below -

Yarpole Community Shop Project Funding Application Form