Yarpole Community Shop AGM minutes.

Annual General Meeting of the Yarpole Community Shop Association Ltd.
Thursday 14th June 2018
7 p.m. at Yarpole Village Hall

Apologies recorded prior to the meeting: Mrs E. Grey, Mr H. Grey, Mr C. Greer, Mrs C. Cheshire, Mrs. J. Chitham, Mrs F. Reynolds and Mr & Mrs Packer.

Attendance at the meeting: 49
Apologies: 14

1. Welcome: Andrew Praill, Chairman, welcomed the shareholders to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

2. Approval of minutes of the AGM held on 15th June 2017.
Proposed adoption of minutes - Mr S. Bowen, seconded by Mrs S. Russell

3. Matters arising: None were recorded.

4. Chairman's report: the Chairman outlined the mission statement adopted from 2017. There was an action plan that had been put into effect. The shop had received no awards for the year 2017. The shop Sub-Postmaster and Shop Manager will retire by the end of the year. These posts have now been advertised as two separate roles. The jobs could be on a shared employment basis. It is important that the shop retains the post office service. Feedback from the Post Office Ltd. indicated that it is agreeable to the Shop Association taking over the contract to provide post office services. Audrey Bott enquired how the roles would be paid.

Security - there have been some security problems recently around the church building, which are causing concern. The B.M.G. and the shop are to meet to discuss this matter.
GDPR & Privacy Policy - the shop has addressed this and privacy policy is on the web site.

Waste Management - disposal of card and food waste from the shop is becoming a problem. A green wheelie bin has been acquired for disposal of recyclable waste from the shop.

5. Presentation of Financial Accounts for 2017 - the Treasurer, David Cheshire, had made copies of the main aspects of the accounts for 2017 available for the shareholders at the meeting. The shop had tried to hold prices in store in the face of increasing costs, so margin for 2017 was slightly down. He gave a reminder about easyfunding.co.uk, which is of benefit to the shop. Post-tax surplus for 2017 was £3919 as compared to £4665 in 2016. The Treasurer outlined details of the Balance Sheet. The new shop counter was purchased in 2017 and this had led to increased depreciation in 2017. Stock figures at year end remained fairly constant for 2016 and 2017. The debtor figure was mainly outstanding balances on customer's accounts. Transactions were down by 1.1%, total spend up 4.3%.
Account sales for 2017 were 31.9% compared to 29.7% in 2016.
The pattern of sales to date was shown in graph form and explained. Sales from 2013 to 2017 have increased year on year, but from January 2018 to 8th June 2018 there has been a significant downturn, with transactions down 6.8% and sales down 10.7%. Card sales were up 28%. There have been few new shareholders signed up from recent arrivals into the village.

Further threats to profitability in 2018 included:
• Rise in electricity charges in June.
• Pay rises above the statutory Living Wage.
• Uncertainty over costs involved in the Post Office changes.
There are indications that this year's surplus could fall below the £1,000 figure.
Audrey Bott proposed that the accounts for 2017 be accepted, seconded by Ann Greer.
David Cheshire was thanked by the Chairman on behalf of the shareholders for all his work over the past year.

6. Shareholders vote to distribute surplus profit to the community - most applications came through via the web site. Successful applicants will be asked to write a short piece, at a later date, in the Parishioner, about how the monies have been used.
Applicants were then invited to give a 2 minute talk supporting their application, explaining how the monies will be spent. There were seven boxes labelled according to the fund bids, and shareholders were given five tokens to place into whichever of the boxes they wished to support. There had been an eighth bid for £35 to pay for leaflets promoting village volunteering initiative, but Mrs Janet Chitham had very kindly offered to pay this herself. The Chairman thanked her on behalf of the shareholders.

• Mr Peter Greer £500 to replace stiles with gates on footpath from village to Croft Lane.
• Rose Jenkins on behalf of Anna Morley, Events Group, £150 for better storage of the glassware used for social events, which are at present in flimsy boxes in Gallery Cafe.
• Rachel Voysey £500 for sheet music to extend the repertoire of Birchpole Singers.
• Peter Lloyd £300 for lockable notice board at entrance to village hall.
• Ron Shaw £1000 for flowers for the November Armistice Day celebrations.
• Sue Russell, Events Group, £553.40 for shorter legs to fit onto donated staging.
• Helen Coverley, Gallery cafe, £600 for tables and milk frother. BMG are paying
for improved lighting which was part of original bid.

The Chairman then invited the shareholders to go and place their tokens in the boxes of their choice.

7. Appointment of Accountants - David Cheshire said that we had been well served by Kendall Wadley, at a reasonable fee over the years, and proposed that we employ their services again for the next year. This was seconded by Rose Jenkins.

8. Election of Management Board - Lynn Ashton has retired from the board. The Chairman thanked her for her time there.
The Board members have to stand down each year, but the remaining seven were all willing to stand for election again. Viv Mitchell proposed that they were elected seconded by Sebastian Bowen. Mary Edwards had offered to be the eighth board member and will be co-opted onto the Board.

The Chairman expressed thanks to all the shop Volunteers and Buddies, who were ably managed by Eileen Minton, to the Board members, to all the Shareholders old and new and lastly to all our loyal customers.

Everyone was then invited to partake of drinks and nibbles whilst the votes were counted.
The meeting ended at 8.20 p.m.