Our Mission Statement.

• To provide a sustainable and attractive shop which will deliver valued products and services to the whole community.

• In addition the shop will enable social engagement across the whole parish and will use its surplus funds to develop the business and to support a range of community projects and needs.

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Yarpole Community Shop Association Ltd (The Shop in the Church)

5 of 5 stars The regular shop opening hours are –

Yarpole Shop logoMonday to Friday – 9.00am to 1.00pm & 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Saturday – 9.00am to 1.00pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays - closed until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Post Office

Post Office open 9.00 - 12 midday Monday to Saturday.

Royal Mail Collection 11.00am weekdays.

Telephone: 01568 780148 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Gallery café is re-opening on Monday, 12th April. See the Gallery Café page for more details.



It is always the intention, as defined in the Rules of the Yarpole Community Shop Association, to inject back into the Community, by way of grants, a proportion of any surplus sums of money provided through trading in the shop.

As most people will be aware these grants are only for local groups, activities or improvements which will be of benefit to some or all in the parish.
In 2019, for financial reasons, this was not possible and in 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic precluded any meaningful receipt or approval of funding applications. This year, however, it is hoped that the shop will be able to re-launch this initiative.

In order for the shop to function as a going concern, some of the surplus funds are necessarily retained for its day-to-day requirements and any future development needs. However, the Management Committee are pleased to recommend that £3000 should be made available for funding of Community Projects this year.

The recommended proportion of any surplus to be allotted for community projects in any one year is decided by the Shareholders voting at the AGM after consideration of advice from the Management Committee.

Now, as such distributions will hopefully be possible again this year and bearing in mind the number of applications received in other years, the previously employed procedure will be used which allows for fair and equal consideration of all the proposed projects. Decisions on where these sums are to be spent have historically been made and/or approved by the member shareholders at the AGM which will hopefully be held on June 24th. Eligible applications will be voted upon by those shareholder members who attend the AGM within the constraints set by the sum to be distributed.

The application process is as follows:

Applications for funding of projects which:

• Must be for the benefit of the community in the Parish of Yarpole and must support activities and facilities that benefit the members of the community
• Are from voluntary groups or ‘not for personal profit’ organisations – groups do not need to be formally constituted but must be accountable to the community.
• May be for any sum but generally funding requests are up to £1000 (or otherwise decided upon by the management committee dependent on the sum set aside for funding such projects in any particular year.)

Timing of applications:
• Applications can be tendered at any time but will only be eligible for consideration in a current year if received prior to a prescribed date dependent upon the date of the AGM in that year.
• For 2021 the strict deadline for receipt of applications is May 14th.

Method of application:
• All applications must be presented using the online form available on the Community Shop website. Click on the link here. If you are unable to complete the online form paper copies are available in the Shop. These should be delivered by hand in a sealed envelope to the Treasurer through the shop or, more preferably, as an attachment by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• All sections must be completed
• Where an application is for a sum over £1000, two or more accurate estimates or quotations must be provided.
• Details of projects being put forward for funding will be made available for perusal by shareholders via the Shop page of the Yarpole website.
• Note should be made of the requirement, for those applicants successful in gaining funding, to provide a short report for inclusion in the Parishioner detailing the outcome of their funded project once completed or to provide evidence of the suitable use of the funding provided.

Yarpole Community Shop orders:

Message to all account holders. We would be very grateful if account holders could use BACS to settle their accounts on a monthly basis. Cheque and credit card payments incur the Shop in a charge.

If you are able to pay by BACS/Faster payment then these are the details you need:

Account Name: Yarpole Community Shop

Sort Code: 60-83-01

Account Number: 20387813

In the Reference field please enter the full name of the shop account holder whose account you are paying.

If you wish to become an account holder please use the link. Yarpole Shop Account Application Form.

Our shop and Post Office are what helps to make Yarpole the great place it is.

If you feel you would like to volunteer in either the Café or the Shop please follow the link. Volunteer here.

The Shop was voted Best Village Shop & Post Office in the UK in 2010 in the Countryside Alliance Awards. A group from the shop travelled to the House of Lords to be presented with the award.

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