Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Yarpole Community Shop Association Ltd.

Held electronically by Zoom on Monday 7th September 2020 at 7pm

1.         The Chairman welcomed 52 members to the meeting, making the meeting quorate, and explained procedures which would enable the meeting to run smoothly. Members would be muted, other than using the chat button for approving or seconding a proposal. The meeting would be recorded.

2.         Apologies

            13 apologies had been received by email prior to the meeting.

3.         Approval of the minutes of the AGM held on 13th June 2019

            Approved by Alex Jenkins, seconded by AJ Wilcox and passed by majority vote.    

4.         Matters arising: None

5.         Chairman’s report

The Chairman reminded members that he had circulated an interim report in May of this year and a final report in August. He had no other matters to report.

He thanked, very sincerely, the Volunteers, and Rowena and William and the other board members for their work in ‘keeping the ship afloat in these turbulent times’.

6.         Receipt of the Financial Accounts for 2019

 i.         Acceptance by the members of the 2019 accounts

A Detailed Income and Expenditure Account, the Revenue Account and Balance Sheets for Year Ending 31th December were circulated prior to the meeting, together with a Commentary on the 2019 Profit and Loss account.

DC had received no questions or feedback regarding these but reminded members of key points from these documents.

The accounts were approved by Rob Morley, seconded by Tony Mears and passed by majority vote.

ii.         To agree that the 2020 accounts may be prepared without an audit and presented with an accountant’s report

DC outlined relevant details for members.

The proposition was approved by Rob Morley, seconded by Tony Mears and passed by majority vote.

7.         Appointment of Accountants for 2020

DC recommended the continued appointment of Kendall Wadley as our accountants for the coming year.

The proposal was approved by Rob Morley, seconded by Tony Mears and passed by majority vote.

 8.         Election of Management Board

The Chairman expressed his disappointment that only the following four nominations had been received and proposed that a vote be taken, en bloc, to elect the following:

a.         David Cheshire

b.         Alex Jenkins

c.         Jon Pitts

d.         Andrew Praill

The proposal was approved by Val Ainsworth, seconded by Sue Russell and passed by majority vote.

The Chairman then reminded members that the committee is able to co-opt others onto the board to the maximum of 8 persons and encouraged anyone interested in joining the Board to get in touch to discuss where they may fit in to the team.   

** Sue Spencer had agreed to be co-opted onto the Board prior to this meeting.  

 9.         Special proposals

The Chairman reminded us that this Virtual General Meeting could only be held because of temporary government legislation. There is currently no provision in our rules which would allow this or allow for proxy votes. To pass the following Special Proposals would require 75% or more of the votes cast by those present tonight. He explained that the combination of the proposals would allow for greater flexibility in the organisation and implementation of General Meetings in the future.

i.          To amend the Rules to allow that a General Meeting may be held virtually as and when the Management Committee may from time to time determine. (Rule 17 refers)

This was proposed by Anna Morley and seconded by Chris Howell

Votes for the proposal numbered 49 out of 52 present

ii.         To amend the Rules to allow for the use of a proxy voting system at General Meetings as and when the Management Committee may from time to time determine. (Rule 28 refers)

This was proposed by Brian Mitchell and seconded by Tony Mears

             Votes for the proposal numbered 50 out of 52 present

iii.        To direct the Management Committee to examine the existing set of Rules of the Association and to replace them with a more up to date version which is more in keeping with current practices.

This was proposed by Barbara Nurse and seconded by Audrey Bott

            Votes for the proposal numbered 50 out of 52 present        

10.       Closure of meeting

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting, apologised for the fact that members were not able to socialise afterwards in the usual way but encouraged everyone to visit their Shop.

He wished members a ‘Good Night!’ and the meeting closed at 7.32pm

** Subsequent to the AGM, Rebecca Stanners agreed to be co-opted as a member of the board. Rebecca and Sue Spencer’s co-options were ratified by the elected members of the board at a later meeting.